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About Me

I have been a photographer for better than 50  years. I first became interested in photography while in high school. After joining the navy, I became more involved in it and decided at that time it was the career that I wanted to pursue. After getting out of the navy, I attended a junior college majoring in photography.

Since I was also interested in law enforcement at the time, I was able to pursue my dream job by becoming a police photographer for LAPD. I worked for the them 28 years. After so many years of shooting the worse side of mankind, I wanted to shoot the beauty around us, specifically the Northwest.

I retired in January 1999 and moved to “God’s Country” near Salmon, Idaho. I became a First Responder and subsequently an EMT.

After September 11, I was recalled to active duty and served until January 2007. I retired again and became involved with my EMT duties. I love landscape and wildlife photography. I enjoy the rustic images that abound in our area.

I have attended many seminars, workshops and classes on photography. I have won numerous awards during my career including some from the University of Southern California; the Los Angeles County Fair and the City of Los Angeles. My enjoyment of taking photographs and my desire to share with others the beauty of the Northwest drove me to start RusScapes Art and Photography.

I also enjoy bicycling and researching/reading military history, primarily naval.

For further information, you can contact me at:

P.O. Box 663 Salmon, Idaho 83467

(208) 756-8839

(208) 993-0416

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